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Real estate requires constant attention in order for it to provide its owners, tenants, and stakeholders flexibility of use, positive asset value, and maximum liquidity. LRA has provided real estate advisory services to the following clients:

  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Imperial Life
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • Manulife
  • Bankers Trust of New York
  • The Gottardo Family
  • Metropolitan Life
  • Metropolitan Trust
  • MDS (Medical Data Sciences) Inc.
  • Private share corporations within the MDS portfolio of buildings
  • Keystone Blackforest Ltd Partnership

  • Case in point: Medical Data Sciences Inc (MDS)

    LRA's multi-faceted, rolling 12-year-contract with MDS evolved from an initial interview with a senior representative of the company who stated:

    “Real estate, and all that is involved in managing it for the benefit of our company's needs and our stakeholders, is not our core competency.”

    LRA's contract with MDS involved the management of significant real estate holdings and diverse ownership interests ranging from 2% to 100% in 50 medical buildings (and additional medical laboratory tenancies in many non-owned buildings) across southern Ontario. By outsourcing management of the real estate, our clients were able to concentrate on their core business of specimen collection and laboratory testing.

    LRA was initially contracted to perform a review of all “Ownership Buildings” to determine asset value, present and future financial obligations, and exposure and commitments with respect to refinancing, tenancy obligations, and the proportionate share of capital cost exposure inherent in building ownership.

    Upon completion, this extensive report was presented and reviewed by the Board of Directors and senior management for the company. The report satisfied the company's reporting and accounting requirements, and brought to the attention of the stakeholders the need to stabilize and protect investments purely from a real estate perspective.

    In order to support the financial commitments of the portfolio, the company contracted LRA to expand the report to create a model for each building, showing gross and net financial contributions to the medical laboratory business.
    LRA merged the two reports, and working with management, developed and implemented an action plan tailored to each building in the porfolio.